A second painting in the Instant Images series.

The series came from an idea of playing with the properties involved in instant-print technology: vignetting, unusual saturated color, slight fuzziness, and a stark white border surrounding the image.

Painting this series required me to start with a grisaille underpainting (all of the tonality was worked out in fine detail in shades of grey) and then build the color with many thin glazes.

If you look closely, you can see a cell phone in the woman's hand. A rain shower had just passed as she left the beauty salon seen through the window behind her, and as she stood under an awning, she carried on a conversation over the phone. Once it ended, I was struck by her introspection, and wondered what had transpired to make her look so absorbed in thought.

Something He Said, © 2014   oil on panel

9"h x 11"w on 12" square panel