Virginia Vineyards Series      
Late Summer, Breaux Early Autumn, Breaux Midday Sun, Hillsborough Vines, Near and Far, Breaux Delaplane Vineyards, Spring
Spring Vines and Poppies, Breaux Narmada Winery Bluemont Vineyard 868 Estate Vineyard Chrysalis Vineyards
Veramar Vineyard Bluemont With Sunflowers Three Fox Vineyards Cana Vineyards Stone Tower Winery
Contra Costa Marshland Series        
Contra Costa Marshland, #1 Contra Costa Marshland, #2SOLD Contra Costa Marshland, #3 Contra Costa Marshland, #4  
Northern Skies Series, pastel        
Northern Skies #1 Northern Skies #2 Northern Skies #3 SOLD Northern Skies #4 Northern Skies #5 SOLD
Miscellaneous Landscapes        
Bridge Over Difficult Run, Left Bridge Over Difficult Run, Right Great Falls Hayrolls in the August Sun Sheep In The Meadow
Homes On The Hill Georgetown Across the Potomac, DuskSOLD L'Auberge Provencale, February That Singular Moment Passing Clouds
Pines In The Snow <
Winter Grazing 1 Winter Grazing 2 In the Late Summer Pasture Distant Hills Three White Cows, Winter
Dusk, White Post, #1 Dusk, White Post, #2 Clarke County: End of Winter #1 Clarke County: End of Winter #2 Keep Out
Postcards Series (2008 - Present):    
Postcard 1, Utah Postcard 2, Colorado River Postcard 3, Nevada Postcard 4, Colorado Postcard 5, California Coast
Postcard 6, Connecticut Coast Postcard 7: Key West, SunsetSOLD Postcard 8: Colorado River Valley Postcard 9; A Bend in the Green River Postcard 10: Along the Coast Road
Postcard 11: Wellfleet Dunes Postcard 12: View From Mt. Monadnock Postcard 13: Iowa Farm, Early Morning Postcard 14: Queens Cove Postcard 15: Cherry Blossoms, Tidal Basin
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